Distributor of Klac systems

Klac Industrie invests in research and development to increase its added value. For 15 years Klac Industrie has filed 18 international patents.
klac system


Founded in September 2000 and Based in Orléans, France, Klac Industrie has always evolved with two goals: innovation and export.


At first there was the machine then the accessory, which required lots of manual strength to replace. Then came the quick coupler: a system that made this change simple and (more or less) fast. Klac system is a quick coupler for excavators and mini-excavators from 1 to 24 T. The installation of the accessory is automatic, the unlocking is manual or hydraulic. Klac system is a compact quick coupler that does not require the use of axles, screws, nuts, keys, gaskets, cams, ball joints, grease or adjustments. It uses continuous play catch-up and therefore requires no maintenance.